Monday, March 2, 2009

Odds and Ends

A few quick notes:

The good people at Baseball Prospectus assure me that their 2009 PECOTA projection calling for reduced power from Kevin Youkilis is about the fact that a larger-than-expected number of his fly balls left the park last season--not anti-Semitism. I guess I believe Steve Goldman and Kevin Goldstein... Christina Kahrl and Cliff Corcoran, too.

The general consensus of four very smart baseball people, incidentally, was that Ryan Braun is by far the best Jewish player today. I brought up his awful third base defense, and Goldstein made a great point, that with Braun, as with many players, his bat was major league ready before his glove was.

In all seriousness, go see the Prospectus team anywhere you can-worth your time.

I also see that John Grabow will be playing for Team USA, giving the Stars and Stripes a third Jewish representative to go with Youkilis and Braun.

Later this week, I'll be running down the fantasy prospects in Jewish baseball-who to draft among the Chosen People and when.

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Benjamin said...

Ryan Braun actually is not Jewish. His father is, he is not.