Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brad Ausmus: Modern-Day Moe Berg

No, he's not a spy (that I know of- though if I did, he'd be an awfully poor spy!)- but in the fact that Brad Ausmus continues to get work- a $1 million, one-year deal with the Dodgers after also being courted by the Padres.

And no, he's not getting paid for his offense- his line of .218/.303/.296 is unimpressive- but more so when you realize he put it up in Houston's Minute Maid Park, which had a park factor of 103 last year- hitter-friendly.

But like Berg, Ausmus is Ivy League-educated. And like Berg, teams believe it is helpful to have him around. Berg hit .243/.278/.299 for his career- and lasted 15 seasons.

Ausmus should get a fair amount of playing time- the Dodgers want to play Russell Martin at third base more to keep him fresher. It is a great landing spot for Ausmus.

Of particular note to Jewish fans- with 10 games played in 2009, Ausmus passes Buddy Myer for the all-time record in games played among Jewish players. Let's hope he has a Rickey Henderson moment where he holds up a Torah at second base and recites the Sh'ma.


rksbaseballbookshelf said...

I forget: which covert agency does Ausmus work for?


Ausmus Retired this month