Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Jewish MVP

After a lot of back and forth in my mind- it's got to be Ryan Braun. A good case can be made for any of the top three. Here's my overall list*:

1. Ryan Braun
2. Kevin Youkilis
3. Ian Kinsler
4. Craig Breslow
5. Jason Marquis
6. Gabe Kapler
7. John Grabow
8. Scott Feldman
9. Scott Schoeneweis
10. Brad Ausmus

* List modified to include Jason Marquis- great catch by the esteemed Ron Kaplan.


Josh Borenstein said...

Has to be Youkilis.

rksbaseballbookshelf said...

What about Jason Marquis? 11-9 for the Cubs with a decent ERA has to rank higher than Feldman and those who follow.

In addition, I wonder if there has ever been a better trio of Jewish hitters playing at the same time than Youkilis, Kinsler and Braun (and I'd even toss Kapler in there).

Howard said...


You are exactly right- I will revise.


Richard Chen said...

I'm new to this blog. Schoenweis is #9? I take it there are only 10 Jewish players in the bigs. That's not a knock, just shock. (For ethnic Chinese players, #9 would probably be a minor leaguer)