Monday, September 29, 2008

That Darn Jew

It would have been Albert Brooks' sitcom, had his character in "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" accepted al-Jazeera's offer.

Instead, for Mets fans, that was Ryan Braun all week, particularly Sunday, hitting game-winning home runs to help Milwaukee get past New York and into the playoffs.

Plenty of Jewish players in the postseason, and we'll have a Jewish playoff preview this week.

But worth noting- in what may be his final game, Brad Ausmus homered for the Astros. One of the better Jewish catchers ever. I hope he comes back.


Mike said...

Add to that Jason Marquis' win and grand slam against the Mets last week, and the fact that Schoeneweis was the losing pitcher yesterday, and it begins to look like a conspiracy.....

rksbaseballbookshelf said...

If you're a Jewish Mets fan, you also have to have mixed feelings about Jason Marquis hitting that grand slam off Jonathan Niese on the 22nd.