Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Plea for Adam Greenberg

Dear Los Angeles formerly California Angels now of Anaheim:

You have in your possession what would be one of the feel-good stories of the baseball season. At AA, you have outfielder Adam Greenberg.

Back in 2005, Greenberg was a prospect, and finally got his chance to come to the plate on July 9 against the Florida Marlins. But if Moonlight Graham was disappointed in never getting to the plate, he wouldn't trade places with Greenberg, who was hit in the head by the pitch. His 2005 season was history, and he has struggled to return to the major leagues ever since.

Now, according to my calculations, you have a 12 gazillion-game lead in the American League West, and are set to clinch the division in the next few minutes. You also have an expanded roster, and I see no reason why you shouldn't bring up Adam Greenberg, and give him a chance to live down his demons. He was not a spectacular AA player, but he held his own: .271/.347/.361. He suffered a hamstring injury on August 25, but he certainly should be healed prior to the end of the regular season. You could certainly do worse for a game.

And who knows- if Greenberg faces down his demons, he may just recover the form that made him a top prospect back in 2005. Do it for the 21st century Moonlight Graham. I have a feeling if you do, he will someday save your daughter from choking on a hot dog.

Howard Megdal

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