Monday, July 14, 2008

Tonight: Ryan Braun in Home Run Derby

Get ready, Jewish baseball lovers! A prospective minyan member will be part of the minions aiming to win the Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium tonight. Ryan Braun, the Jewish people wish you luck.
There has been a fair amount of complaining on the absence of big names in this year's derby, but between Braun, Evan Longoria, Grady Sizemore, Chase Utley, Josh Hamilton, etc., some of baseball's elite sluggers are participating in the event. In fact, in a relatively short time, these guys may be viewed as huge names- particularly Sizemore, who is leading the AL in homers, and Utley, who seems to be having the best year in the National League, period.
Braun can compete with any of them, though. He's having another monster year, and his career line, to date? .307/.349/.595. A .944 OPS, and he doesn't turn 25 until November 17! Ridiculous.


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